Joe Clopton was destined to create music ever since he was a willfull, melody humming, rock n' roll loving five-year-old. Joe purchased his first guitar; a black, electric, flea-market special in a small Northern California town named Sebastopol when he was ten. He bought it with a hundred dollar bill he found on the street while riding his bike. He immediately began exploring the workings of his new friend by learning to play his favorite songs by ear. The next several years were spent nurturing his sounds into coherence.

While attending Catholic high school and playing the role of party guy, Joe's life turned 180 degrees when his father developed a terminal illness. After high school Joe ventured southward to Santa Barbara where he half-heartedly went to school as a pre-med student at UCSB and joined friends to pursue his true calling in the making and performing of music. Joes' talent for singing, songwriting and playing guitar naturally led him onto a path to fully explore and develop his art form.

After living in San Francisco and Los Angeles and playing regularly at premier venues like The Viper Room, The Mint, Tangier and The Derby, Joe returned to his native Santa Rosa to focus on recording and quality of life. He has just released "Live From The Universe," an honestly raw, melodic, flavorful salad of music. With his intelligent, entertaining, heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics and easygoing, people loving stage presence, Joe Clopton will please music lovers everywhere.

Some of Joes' influences include Nirvana, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Bob Marley, Modest Mouse, Jeff Buckley, Jack Johnson and Sublime.